Gaiam is synonymous with yoga. With over 67.000 resellers worldwide and an extensive collection, this American brand has been a household name in the world of yoga and Pilates for many years. From the Lotus Position to the Sun Solution: with Gaiam both the beginner and the experienced yogi have everything at hand for a relaxing and effective yoga session. Environmental consciousness, corporate responsibility, taking care of oneself and bringing people together, that is what Gaiam stands for. Do you strive for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and do you value the wellbeing of others and the environment? Then Gaiam is exactly what you need to execute your favourite exercises.

Gaiam - Yoga Mats

Gaiam distinguishes itself with a comprehensive collection of yoga mats, each with different features and designs. So whether you are just starting out or a professional yogi, Gaiam has the right mat for you.


Besides yoga mats Gaiam has a wide range of products for an effective yoga session. All highly specific and developed by experienced yogi’s.