Flow Fitness

Flow Fitness is a Dutch fitness brand with an extensive selection of high quality home fitness products. The brand was founded in 2003 and has since evolved into one of the biggest home fitness brands in the Benelux market. Flow Fitness offers a comprehensive collection that sets itself apart with modern designs, user-friendly controls and ample functionality. The definition of Flow by American Professor of Psychology Csikszentmihalyi is the inspiration for the name Flow Fitness. It describes the feeling someone gets when they are completely immersed in their activity and it becomes thoroughly effortless. Flow Fitness strives to develop fitness products that make it possible to experience this feeling. This brand’s ultimate goal is to improve the fitness and health, and as a result the quality of life, of its users.

Flow Fitness - Dynamic Line

The Dynamic line is defined by its sporty colours and striking lines. These user-friendly machines are easy to operate via either a touchscreen or Smart Wheel. The training computers are equipped with a wide range of programs, including a heart rate controlled training. The Dynamic line is a product range with a fresh and sportive appearance, endless possibilities and a competitive price.

Flow Fitness - Eco Line

The Eco-Line consists of two exercise bikes and a crosstrainer. With the introduction of the Eco Line Flow Fitness is making an important contribution to a sustainable society. The electricity needed for the resistance module and display is produced by your own labour. Adaptors and batteries are no longer a necessity. An additional benefit is that these products are flexible in their use and can be placed anywhere in the house. In short, feeling good while exercising responsibly.

Perform by Flow Fitness

Functionality, durability and sportiveness are now combined in the Flow Fitness Perform Line. The Perform Line has been developed as a semi-professional fitness line and meets the highest standards. The sublime designs emphasise its purpose; pushing boundaries and achieving excellence. It’s all about performance!