Sport and fashion go hand in hand for Sweden-based Casall. Established in 1982, this all-round sports brand has been designing sportswear which is not only functional, but also of high quality, with the best materials, beautiful designs, an immaculate finish and perfect fit. This will provide the optimal sport experience. Feel, look and perform better. Designing prestigious fitness- and running gear is not the only thing this this Swedish brand has to offer. Casall is also renowned for its wide range of fitness tools, the clear and inspiring instruction videos and the Casall app. This useful application will explain to you exactly how the products work and which exercises can be done with them. With this app you have your personal coach in your hand!

Casall - HIT

Welcome to Casall HIT, the world of High Intensity Training. Casall HIT is a challenging and compelling line of products and clothing designed for those who demand the utmost. For individuals as well as groups, from beginner to professional.

Casall - Strength

Strength comes from the heart. Find your flow and use your inner power to become stronger. Train hard and regularly to improve your metabolism and health and live longer. Become the athlete you have always wanted to be with Casall Strength TOOL & WEAR.

Casall - Recovery and Warmup

Recovering from an injury? But becoming stronger, better and faster than ever before with Casall Warm up & Recovery. This line is specifically designed for either a good warm up, which will enable you to get the maximum benefits from your workout, or for recovering and gaining strength, in order to minimise the chance of recurrence. Especially for runners, this is the perfect addition to the training.