Exercising at your leisure? This is possible with the fitness equipment by Flow Fitness! The state of the art appliances of this Dutch fitness brand are functional, durable and feature a wide range of options to make your workout as simple as possible. Whether you want to jog, run or bike: Flow Fitness is the key to a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise and fashion go hand in hand for Sweden based Casall. Since 1982 this innovating sports brand has been designing fitness accessories and sportswear which are not only functional, but also of the highest quality, produced with the best materials, beautiful designs and an immaculate finish. To sum up: everything you need for the ultimate sport experience: Feel, look and perform better.

Gaiam is synonymous with Yoga. From the Lotus Position to the Sun Solution: with Gaiam both the beginner and the experienced yogi have everything at hand for a relaxing and effective yoga session. Environmental consciousness, taking care of oneself and bringing people together, that is what Gaiam stands for. Do you strive for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and do you value the wellbeing of others and the environment? Then Gaiam is exactly what you need to execute your favourite exercises.